When It Rains

Rain seem to follow us wherever we go in China. Save for expecting it in Kunming due to the rainy season, the rest are unexpected and they manage to find us when we are out at major hotspots. Note that we are not always out and about as we like to take it slow and soak in a place.

Raining @ Forbidden City, Beijing, China

Raining @ Forbidden City, Beijing, China

First was we got ourselves cold and wet in the Forbidden City in Beijing, purportedly only rain 10 times a year. Then the next round we were better prepared, we learn as we travel longer, we got our rain jacket with us when the rain caught us while we were trying to cover all the attractions in Pingyao the ancient city in one day! And to think we are there for many days. Next, it rained when we were on the day excursion tour of Xi’an to the Terracotta armies, another major activity day of all our slack days there. Finally, it rained on us in Kunming, though this one expected for the rainy season, while we were exploring the wonders of Shilin (stone forest).

Guess the rain is preparing us for Nepal, as for this one, we are fully aware and fully prepared to face lots of rain there. I must say though rain brings along its own beauty and it somewhat makes one mellow.

As all things happened for a reason, all weather and occasions collide for a reason as well and all we can do is to appreciate the beauty in it and just be.

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