What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Inspired by Haruki Murakami. He is my current inspiration for work, discipline and also life. There are many things I would need to learn, finding a balance in living life and living responsibly, to train up my discipline and the strength of the mind.

So yes, this post is about running. A good old (as in we’ve come a long way since 10 years old) friend of mine recently got me to sign up for a 21km run in our very own hometown. It got me suddenly pumped up to resume my running repertoire. I used to run almost daily 2 years back and somehow my life routine changed, my work changed and i even end up exploring the world for a while, so running had been push to the far back. But so far I have still been running short distance on and off, for I still love the whole ritual of running.

You start with gasping and your whole body will just suddenly tell you it didn’t want to go on, even when you have just started! Then your mind ask it to shut up and keep going, and at one point your body will start to heat up, your muscles relax and got into a nonstop motion of moving forward, and then your mind now are at peace to meditate on life, love and the universe. And finally when you finish running, your body will be pumping with endorphins while your mind could be exhilarated or at peace (depending what you have been meditating on). You will feel good inside out. You feel you have achieve a personal record.

This proves the notion of mind over matter. It makes life seem all possible. We can learn from here that when we set our mind to something, we can definitely achieve it, but in the end, it was the whole journey that makes it so worthwhile. We emerge from the journey, somewhat changed and hopefully a better person, and found that life indeed have been a blessing.

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