Twenty-Something Crisis

A friend mentioned that it seem like I am in a kind of life crisis right now. And being young (yes I am young!), I guess it is the early-life crisis or some call it a quarter-life crisis or the twenty-something crisis. Either way, it got me thinking about it. Am I having a crisis without knowing it? Cause I seem to be terribly at peace with my current situation right now.

The situation whereby I do not know what I should be doing to get to where I want to be.

Nothing is really wrong with my life right now. I for one am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.

Family. Friends. Freedom. Fitness.

Thanks to my wanderings, I am actually focusing on important things in life.

Laugh. Love. Learn. Live.

So what crisis are we talking about here? I guess crisis per-say is different for everyone. Looking at it made me realize I am at the pinnacle of it. It had started quite a while ago with me realizing that I do not know where I am heading or where I want to be. Now I know where I want to be (a giant leap for my life-kind I must say) but I am stuck in not knowing how to get there.

Being the seriously lucky one, I must say I have the luxury to sit back and take some time off to handle this sudden pull of the plug in my life. I am enjoying the gush of water rushing out of the sudden hole. I am waiting in anticipation to refill it with things that are right.

So yeah I am in a crisis right, or whatever it may be more aptly called. But I guess it is alright. Life is too short to be doing what you don’t like. It is still too short to be not doing what you like. And it is definitely really short to not be fulfilling what you are meant for.

“Wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find your treasure”, Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist.

P/S: At the same time I am fully aware that I am in the best of my times and the world is my oyster, so there, what a beautiful crisis.

August 2011,
Seapark Apt, Malaysia

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Something Crisis

  1. quinnie

    you will know where you are heading… you always know that 🙂 having crisis in life is… not bad! it’s challenging and adventurous 😉

    Live life to the fullest but must always be firm with every decision you make and from there, nvr look back!

  2. Life for Beginners | Kenny Mah

    I’m blessed enough to be going through a similar sort of break right now. They may call it “soul-searching” – I call it figuring out what is next for NOW. Cos we never know what else we may get up to in one, two or five years time, ja?

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to next! 😀


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