Traveler of Life

“A traveler will always find what he/she is looking for.” inspired from Rajesh.

I, a self-proclaimed avid traveler, would attest to that. Countless of times I have heard good or bad comments of a place I am about to go. But as always I would go with an open heart and an open mind, unladen by expectations or untainted by negatives, and then I would find myself having a great experience. If as a traveler I will always find what I am looking for, then I guess I am always looking for the beauty in the unknown, the kindness in strangers and the excitements of adventures, because these are always what I found when I am traveling.

But if we sit back and think about it, we are all travelers of life as well. Everyday we travel through our daily lives, mostly going through the expected and the knowns while some brace themselves for an adventure or two of the unknown or a challenge.

So what if I took my approach to traveling into my approach to life? What if I travel through life not laden with expectations and especially not tainted with negatives? And what if I took to traveling life looking for the beauty in the familiar or not, the kindness of my loved ones and even strangers, and the excitement of daily adventures? Then I am sure these are the things I will find in my life.

I am surrounded by wonderful loved ones, friends and families that are always there for me despite it all. I am continuously blessed with meeting new people that bring extra joy to my life. I live in a beautiful studio in a city beautiful in its own ways. With my recent leap of faith I took from my rat race, I wake up everyday in face of new adventures, of new challenges, and that I take as certainly a blessing of life.

What do you look for in your travel in life?

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