Tram No. 9 @ The Hague, Netherlands

I’m standing here under the little rain and think wow, I am in a foreign land alone (right now at least), feeling the place engulfing me. Tram no 9 is nowhere to be seen, most people huddled at the stop while the rest of us just bath in the rain, but we all wondered the same thing “where is the tram?”. On the opposite lane, two tram no 9 has passed us by, but our side’s is still nowhere to be seen. We are all in this together. We all just want to get to somewhere. Few of us had step out one by one to stare down the tracks towards the horizon hoping for a glimpse of the tram.

Then the tram came. We all shuffled in gladly. Out of the rain, finally on our way.

I stared out the window, while clinging to the pole, balancing on heels and a heavy bag. I see cyclists, many of them, and wish I have the same independence as them.

A tall lady just got in from a stop, she’s sharing the same pole as me who is at least one whole head taller than me, and I’m on heels remember? Well at least we are both staring at the phone (yes I’m writing on mine right his moment), but there’s were our similarities end.

Announcement for central station. Almost everyone got ready to go down, including my tall companion. I have two more stops to the hotel. I stared out, the rain has stopped, I smile.

Finally it is my stop. I got down from tram no. 9 and slowly make my way back to the hotel. I listen to my own steps pounding the gravel while consuming the lights and sights around me, once again letting the place engulf me.

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