Time and Space

As I walked back in the pouring rain, with wind blowing fiercely at me while I zip up my jacket and hold on tighter to the umbrella my good friend had just given me earlier, I couldn’t help but feel all snug and happy. Yes, in the most unlikely situation I am actually feeling really contented, almost as if I am snug under my duvet in my bed in the warmth. I had that blanketed sensation of comfort now in form of billowing wind and rain and cold.

I pattered on and as I passed the little field before the climb up the stairs to my newly rented apartment in Singapore, I heard the multitude of frogs crying loudly in the rain. It is exactly the same sound that I used to hear back in the days when I was a little kid studying in the back room of my home back in my hometown Taiping. I used to think it were cows crying in the raining night. Right at that moment I stopped right in my tracks as I traveled back in time to the little desk in my little room at the back of my little home in Taping. I stood right there in the middle of the storm and just let it all in, I feel that for a moment I had transcended time and space; I were in both different time and place in one moment.

Then I return to the present and I slowly started to climb up the stairs. I stopped at one of the steps and stare up to the dim lamp that is lightly illuminating the area. I have the sensation that at this moment I am committing a memory of this scene deep into the crevasses of my memory where someday in somewhere totally foreign and in a totally different time, there would be one little thing that would bring me traveling back in time to right at this space at this time. I just know it. I smiled to myself and continued once again up the stairs to my new home under the cold wind and pouring rain.

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