Thoughts After Annapurna Circuit

Unwinding down from a long trek in the serene Phewa Lake in Pokhara seem almost like it’s meant to be. You’ll feel yourself mellow staring off into the horizon with the lake lightly rippling, birds calling, clouds moving gently on the horizon, multi-green mountains peeking through, some with a casting of a little sunlight that made it somewhat surreal. One can’t help but gave out a sigh, a kind of relief yet heart-tugging sigh.

Before starting I couldn’t imagine how it would be like trekking and hiking everyday for hours lugging a 10kg bag, but now instead I felt odd not having to do it after two days of relaxing in Pokhara. I actually do miss the daily gruelling treks that start right after early breakfast until late afternoons.

I miss the discovering of villages to villages, getting the feel of a new place, marvel at its structures, greeting Namaste (a word I use the most on the trek) from people that pass us by to people that we pass by. I miss going to bed at 8pm at night and wake up after the break of dawn at 5am, chomp down some energy filled breakfast, pack up my ‘house’ and then strap it on and off we go!

But what I miss more is the adventure, the treading over winding roads, skipping across rivers on scattered stones, sometimes wading through the raging river, running across waterfalls, climbing over fallen rocks, cutting across rain forests of leeches or gaily walk across pine forest trails. And of course most of all, I miss the ever-changing, albeit slowly, picturesque background veiled and unveiled by moving clouds.

Even the ever raging dark clouds that seem to be threatening from behind all the time are welcomed like an old friend now. The many times it drizzles and we quickly got into our rain gears only to find it die out as quickly as it came. Though I must say I did not particularly enjoy the day where it finally did rain for hours on one of our trek days and soaked us to the bones, shivering as we go.

I’ll miss you Nepal. It had been a really good adventure. Someday I shall be back to traverse the rest of the Himalayas. As for now, deep breath​, sigh…

After Thorung Pass @ Annapurna, Nepal

After Thorung Pass @ Annapurna, Nepal

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts After Annapurna Circuit

  1. quinnie

    nepal is one of the few wonder world!! đŸ™‚ beautiful place… is it cold as in reeeaally cold?


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