The Summary of my World Travels (so far)

Sri Lanka
Land of smiles
Feel: good feeling, somewhat strangely void in farthest north
Memories: Eating curry and rice in a restaurant in Jaffna, motorbike across emptiness. queuing for free food, tuk-tuk

Feel: surreal, exploration every single day, one of the best in my travels
Everyday trek all merge into one, just amazing

Need to experience more
Feel: lonely, mix sometimes with some good surprises, but generally not deep
Looking out the window in a nice room in Jogja into rice fields

Full of emotions, one of the deep friendships I’ve forged here
Feel: always longing to return, to touch base with friends
Last night in Tagaytay, the wedding, countless drinking and talking nights, riding Pol’s car home from work

Land of shit
Feel: wilderness, vast, nothingness, raw
Ger tent, waking up to extreme cold, far far away toilets, the sunrise over the sand dunes

Madness in form of people
Feel: overwhelmed, crushed in, some surprises but mainly can’t wait to get out
Lining up to the Mt Huashan

The untouchables
Feel: special, as if I have just manage to capture something while it was just slipping away
Deadliest bacteria/virus ever – food poisoning and foot infection
Golden temples as far as the eye can see, all the sunrises and sunsets

The final frontier
Feel: at peace, happy and chill

Just a tourist
Feel: lost at first, then Indiana jones and finally comfort
Motorbike accident and sitting in a cafe finishing a storybook about Laos with peanuts and beer

Overrated, first place I ever fly to, Meditation was life-changing
Feel: always feel like I’ve been there a million times
“There is no time”

Sim city
Feel: unreal

The future, the real Sim city
Feel: amazed by the mix of modernity and history, yet after a while, the taint of craziness emerge
Hitchhiking was one of the best decision, ancient trees had taken a part of me to the future

Mix of east and west, not a myth
Food: one of my favourite!
Feel: like I own the place, relax and completely in control
Best fish sandwich under the bridge

Friends from around the world
Feel: relieved to meet EC, just stopping by
Running from Buda to Pest

Bulgaria, Romania
Somewhat strange
Feel: in transit
Too many border crossings

Coffee, gelato, wine
Food: need I say more?
Feel: special, dreamy, touching the soul, question on what’s more to life
Deep talks in Padova, student home in Venice

White, cold
Feel: an escape, frozen feelings
Icey landscape on the train, postcard-like Bruges

Feel: lonely, need to escape, like an outsider looking in

A dream that was too real
Feel: reality casting a huge shadow
Stolen macaroons, broken veins from big business

Feel: need to return to explore
Gaudi, gaudi, gaudi

Holiday with the family
Feel: a turning point in life
The bridge, the pact, the coin and the ring

Czech Republic
The Paris that was
Feel: romantic, touching the artistic side of me
First concert, old romantic bridge, told myself I must write again

Vatican City
Long queues
Feel: what?

Hong Kong
Virgin trip with friends
Feel: excited, my first foray into exploration and craziness
The friendly and generous old man

The beginning of everything, home
Feel: euphoria when realizing a dream, like my second home
The Swains!

My future home
Feel: secure, loved, happy
The Göbels

The Alps
Feel: like the little girl, Heidi
Snowboarding, snows, and rushing for the last train

As expected
Feel: touching base, making friends, losing a friend
Friends in Sydney, on the beach with Geoff

New Zealand
Untouched beauty of nature
Feel: not touched
Milford Sound, kayaking, under the rain in the vast lake

South Africa
Facing the danger
Feel: like a survivor
Chasing for my robbed phone, car accident and best nurses in the world

October, 2015

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