The North Sea


As I stare at the north sea, I wonder, wow, how many seas are there in this world? I have my fair shares of sea, as I for one loves the ocean. I awe in its grandeur, I calmed at its gentle waves that caresses the shore endlessly. If one thing in life is constant, is that the sea will always rush to shore. If only our lives can be almost this permanent.

Life is fleeting. It is light. The unbearable lightness of being. Does the lightness makes it more meaningful or less?

We cannot choose how we are born, but we can choose how we die.

There are so many seas left I have yet to see, such is the vastness of the world, and I have yet to even mention the universe.

Suddenly I felt so much less important. And that is a good thing. It taught us that nothing is permanent, and we should appreciate every single moment that we have and let it go when it’s time. Everything has its place and time, we are merely passing through. Now is all we have, so enjoy the now we shall.

Life is amazing.

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