Pass it On

My hosts’ cat, Mimi in their apartment in Beijing

When I was in Beijing, I did my first couchsurfing in a home of a lovely couple. It turns out to be one of my best experience of real human benevolence. I am truly touched on how they have been really kind and helpful to us, at times going above and beyond what I would ever imagine. They have proven that there are good people out there in contrary to what we keep hearing from news and rumours in current times.

My host and his husband had done so much for us, from picking us up personally from our one night in a hostel somewhere in a hutong, to cooking dinner for us every night, to taking us in search of a deceptively hard to find bus to a better part of Great Wall, to helping buy the Transsiberian train ticket to Mongolia and to every other little things that are contrarily huge in depth and meaning.

As I keep feeling the there is no way I can repay them, I thought of one principle that my good friend in the Philippines taught me before which is to pass it on. It is a profound thought to think that this is the way to resonate one’s good gestures in multi-folds and onward into the world. Likewise, when I ever try my best to help others, I would expect them only the need to simply pass it on. In the end, this is how we came about the phrase – love makes the world go round.

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