My Maaikies in South Africa

My Maaikies in South Africa

What are you going to write about us?

That was the question that my new found maaikies* from South Africa had been asking me relentless ever since we met.

I can write about drinking like there’s no tomorrow at the dodgy Bowling Club on my first night in South Africa, the interesting arts on main and almost freeze from eating nutella crepe outside in the night, the multitudes of beer, wine, biltong and braai, the gatherings in circle around open fire in the cold, Malaysian breakfast in a South African home to re-enact some Asian experience, exploring Soweto with beer by the street and eating a traditional meal by hand in a dark cold place, good food and atmosphere in the Neighbourgoods Market, breathtaking view from cable cars and Sterkfontein caves expedition, crutches included. I can also write about the impromptu al fresco lunch, the bakuteh night at home with of course braai for starters and end with World Cup, the epic road trip down free state through family home, vaal river, origins, staying in a farm house, kitschy Alice in Wonderland 11 course dinner (don’t ask), quaint pretty town and rugged beautiful Golden Gate park before ending at the far, faraway Mweni cultural center just to drop me off like a first class courier.

But no, that’s not what I am going to write about.

I will write about their sense of humor, their love for adventure, always coming up with new “South African tradition”, the crazy fun activities they invent, the endless beer and biltong and braai accompanied by laughters and more laughters. I will write about the togetherness they share that made all like one big family, the warmth they bring, of many big hugs and squeezes. I will write about their hospitality that would put the best to shame, their generosity and always going out of the way to help. I will write about their open mindedness and flexibility, big, big heart and equally big, big smiles, their spontaneity and ever readiness for some fun, the love for travel and exploration. I will write about their zest for life, seizing and truly enjoying every moment and never passing up the chance for good times (or good meat or drink!). I will write about how much I find them to be my kindred spirits and of course how they had shown me unconditional friendship that is so rare and hard to find.

How can I fully write about my wonderful maaikies that had made South Africa feels like home to me? I guess there are no words enough to describe them and the only way is to get to know them, like how blessed I am to have the chance to.

Now the question is, which I will make sure to ask them back relentlessly, “What do you think of this?”

*maaikies – means little friends, we are not so little anymore but we know why 😉

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