Letters from Cambodia : The Great Fall

Everyone says when you ride a bike, you’ll have to fall at least once. Guess I’ve done my share. Yes I had my great fall here in Kampong Cham, Cambodia. Second day riding since 13 years ago, my moto (local name for motorcycle) just flip and I kinda just let go and try to fall with as much grace as possible.

Motorbike in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

The outcome – pants torn at knee, few holes at right hand sleeve, bruised knees and small cut on the left, bruise right leg calf and thighs, cut on elbow and left thumb. Sounds a lot when I list it out but still it seems pretty minor to me. Thinking back it was actually quite funny.

Later I found out the reason was that the tyre was flat, but the amateaur me did not know. Lesson learnt – take care of your vehicle, and it will take care of you. I am just glad that the amateur here at least had the sense to wear a helmet which probably saved my head (though I did no recall having hitting my head but you never know!)

So yes, I had my great fall, but the day before that I had my great ride, which I believe deserve an entirely separate post to do it justice. But for now yes, as Chinese like to say, you don’t grow up if you don’t fall, guess I can say you don’t consider yourself a moto rider if you don’t fall!

Kampong Cham, Cambodia
24 July 2012

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