Here was the inception of this blog when I decided to take an extended break from everyday life:

Questions that I keep getting from people:

1. Where are you going?
2. When are you going?
3. How long would you be gone?

Auto response – “whoa”

Then repeat ad-infinitum for the same people.

I cannot blame them, they are mostly people who care bout me but obviously find it really hard to wrap their head around this idea. The idea of going somewhere for an extended time solely just because. This kind of thinking is quite radical especially for the Asians, and even more so for the Chinese, who long have been ingrained in our genes to focus on survival, and in these modern times it means work, stability, money and reproduction.

So anyway in order for me to cheekily answer next round, please refer to my site’s FAQ, I am actually putting one here right now!

Where am I going?




Update: Unfortunately have to be canceled due to the government not issuing special permits to foreigners for the time being and the cost might be too high anyway due to low season and inability to find travelers to get around together.


(not necessarily in that order, but almost)

When am I going?

First flight out on my inaugural five-years-itch journey is May 6th 2011 with Malaysia’s own low cost carrier Air Asia.

How long would I be gone?

For now, the idea is for less than 100 days, the exact numbers still unknown due to loving the idea of not having the return flight ticket, for not only the date is unknown, the departure place itself is still undecided too.

How to keep track of me?

First of all thanks for the concern and the idea of trying to keep track of me, and with that said, the only way to truly keep track of me is to constantly check on this site. Though I cannot promise to keep it up to date all the time, what not with the uncertainty of an internet connection in some places that I am going to. So do let me forewarn, if you see no updates here for a long time, it would either mean that I am having a superbly good time and forgot about you people back home or I am in somewhere without a connection decent enough to update. In other words –

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” – Douglas Adams

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