In my 20s I learn that…

Travel, it is the best education you can ever get.
Enjoy good coffee; cappuccino is good but when in doubt of the barista, get flat white. No sugar please.
Beer is actually really good and it is one of the best social drink.
Books are still the best thing that happened in this world.
Music second best.
Art is not just for the pretentious, find something you really appreciate, we are all different.
Money is just a means to an end and not the end to any means.
Just lying down staring at the stars will make you realize just how beautiful the world is and how small a part of it you are.
Flossing is crucial to your mouth hygiene.
Staring out into the horizon of the sea or from the mountain is one of the best soul cleansing tool.
Less you own the more freedom you have. Own less and experience more.
Change is the only constant.
There is so much suffering in this world yet there is nothing we can do about it.
Smile and greet strangers, you’ll be amaze how good it makes everyone feels.
if it’s appropriate, then strike up a conversation too, you will be pleasantly surprise by what comes out of it.
Time is the only real currency.
In the end, it is only those who stick around are worth it
and always be there for those you love, they are all you got.
It is tough to fulfil a childhood dream when possibilities were limitless, so far I have not learn how to fly
but you can actually make peace with your inner child and take up lessons to fly a plane instead.
Happiness is a state of mind, debatable by many, nevertheless I have learn how to constantly be in that state.
The world owes you nothing but you owe it to yourself to be who you want to be.
We are all just big kids and we never really grow up, we just need to pretend when we have kids of our own and when it’s their turn to pretend, you can become a kid again.
Fresh water is the best drink in the world.
Girl friends are your best accessories in this world
and they are probably the last you ever come by in this lifetime, so cherish them.
There are no chance encounters, those who touched you are meant to and likewise
so be compassionate and always be nice, you might only have one chance to make a difference in someone’s life.
Most opportunities only come once, seize it and ride the waves.
It’s better to love and lost than never to have loved at all.
It is ok to cry.
Feeling hurt and sad, with that tingling sensation engulfing the heart, reminds us that we are human.
Trust your intuition, it never lies.
Death is inevitable, and as soon as we embrace it only can we start truly living.
Hope is one of human’s greatest strength
Faith one of the most elusive.

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