Experiences in Cambodia

Most heard phrases
Woman: “lady, you want buy something?”
Man: “tuktuk lady?”
Kids: 1 dollar! 1 dollar!

First lesson – You need to cross the street with style.

Question I asked the most – “what’s your wifi password?”

Coolest phrase on t-shirt
“no tuktuk today & tomorrow”
“just looking”

Most delicious street snack – the baguette sandwich stuffed with unknown meats, sardine, pickled grated carrot and cucumber.

Best breakfast – morning market in Phnom Penh where I went back twice and the Lady cook rememebered me and top up my noodles while I was eating it! The coffee guy across remembers me too by giving me the nod and smile.Breakfast in morning market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Most amazing adventure – trawling the Angkor ruins which is Bang Melea like Indiana Jones.

Most thrilling – motorbiking from Kampong Cham onto a rattan boat (alomost knocking over a horse cart) and onwards through Koh Paen towards the other side all the way to Pheng Chung Kran and then back through the estate roads.

Best meal – Sugar Palm restaurant – real Cambodian and favorite dish here is the fish amok. In quoting Victoria’s comment, “flavorful and complex”.

Best local experience – meeting a brother and sister that took me around as they was intrigue with my solo travel and also want to explore the place. We did all this on the bike (my first time)!

Most jaw dropping experience – Angkor Wat for its majesty and Ta Phrom for its testament of marriage between human’s creation and nature at its best.

Exploring temple ruins in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Exploring temple ruins in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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