Embrace Life @ How you can never really plan

As I sit here waiting in an airplane at Dhaka airport, India, I can’t help but think how one can never really plan. It was an¬†unexpected stopover on my way to Kathmandu, Nepal from Kunming, China, due to runway collapse from heavy rain there!

In the first place it was not planned for us to fly to Nepal from China. We wanted to catch a train all the way to Tibet then crossover to Nepal. But turned out Tibet would stop issuing special permit for some reason and it is really costly to try charge in anyway so we did a reroute to fly to Nepal. And on the way there we had an emergency stop at India. Guess I can say I’ve been to India even though I did not leave the plane? Oh well, someday I’ll be back to visit India properly.

Soldier watching our unplanned landed plane @ Dhaka Airport, India

Soldier watching our unplanned landed plane @ Dhaka Airport, India

So it seems all the unexpected had brought us more time in China, with extra stops at Pingyao and Kunming plus longer time in Xi’an, and a glimpse of India, it may be seen as a blessing in disguise. Or no matter how you see it, as how one can see a glass as half full or half empty, I would like to see it as an opportunity for me to experience other joys.

No matter how one really plan, or don’t really plan, or just plan a little, life will throw the unexpected at us and so we just embrace it with as best as we can and enjoy every moment of it. We only live once.

One quote I learnt well during my unfinished Euro trip last year was

“Ces’t la vie”

Then after finally understand the beauty in that, I added

“Carpe diem!”

1 thought on “Embrace Life @ How you can never really plan

  1. Seeran

    A.) Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh hense the name Dhaka, bangladesh
    B.) its Bangladesh I’m sure you did see India out your widow if you landed in Dhaka you crossed India
    C) last it looks like the solder is looking at the gmg airlines plane not yours


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