Discrimination, Sex and Drugs @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Old meets New @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, oh, Amsterdam. Mention the name and all people could think of is all the vices – sex, drugs and alcohol.

Indeed it was true to some degree, but what was most memorable in my first time there was in quite the contrary. It was Anne Frank’s house. Anne was a Jew during the Nazi time and hid in that house with her family. While in hiding, she wrote in her diary, collecting thoughts and many insight to what was happening and how Jew feels, a teenage one in hiding that is. I can feel for her because I am a writer myself, and finally when I learnt that their location was compromised and she finally died in the concentration camp (her dad was the only survivor), I almost teared. Anne Frank’s house aim to teach about discrimination, and yes it is still very rampant in the world right now sadly.

But yes, the vices. You would not be happy if I didn’t mention that part of my experience don’t you? Well I traverse the red light district, letting you guess it, the red lights guiding me. In between small street red lights glow and people throng through it, most in hope to glimpse the pretty ladies dancing in full display (mostly on bra and panties that glow under the red ultraviolet light), while some hope to get lucky behind drawn curtains. I actually walked pass a man trying to haggle with a lady using sign language through the window. What bothers is the lady was genuinely aghast at the price he is offering while he kept insisting with a lustful face. How can you put a price on a lady? I guess we’ll have to ask a man for that. Hah.

Red Lights District @ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Also the drugs, yes the drugs. Knowing me I would certainly want to try it for curiosity sake, but no way am I trying it myself alone in Amsterdam. So I randomly bought a tub of cannabis cookies, tried one back at the hotel, end up too sleepy to wait for the effect to kick in (if there would be any) and end up just having a sound sleep (not sure from exhaustion or the drugs). Later on I learn from a friend who tried that these cookies/cakes are not strong enough, I should have went for the magic mushroom. Ah, maybe next time, and there will be more tales for another day.

Amsterdam, a place where the old (architecture wise) and the new (people and activities wise) meet is definitely a good mix of everything I must say. As for now, as I have only cover like a third of it, I will definitely be back, for Van Gogh museum and the magic mushroom, not necessarily in that order.

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