Attachments, People and Couchsurfing

I realize that couchsurfing is indeed a special way of its own in terms of independent traveling. It is indeed more than just saving some money while backpacking, which most people think. It includes many other things and one I love most is the human interaction.

The whole cycle itself is an experience. It started from going through profiles to see which would suit yours as well as theirs. Then it is the anticipation to see who would respond to your request, not only whether your profile match them, it is also about availability of the person at your request dates. After that would be the anticipation of how it would turn out to be. Then it will in the end, so far in my experiences, turn out with the feeling of having made a new friend, some ‘heavy-heartedness’ during the farewell and most of all a deep sense of gratitude.

From couchsurfing, I learnt about attachments. About how we human get attach to things easily, especially on human interactions. I learnt to experience and immerse in every moment as it is, appreciate every little things and when the time comes, learn to let it go. For some things that we cannot repay, pass it on, and as for ourselves we can etched them in our wall of memories as something fond to gaze upon time and time again.

Talking bout these reminded me of my time in the Philippines, where my three months stint can be summarized into one thing – my experiences with the people. Yes I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, the cooling mountains and the beautiful beaches. But until now, looking back, it is those moments with my friends that made me smile the most.

Although I do love my moments of solitude and contemplations, I cannot deny I enjoy the company of people. Sometimes, it is the people that makes something or some place meaningful.

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