Letters from Cambodia: Kafey and Tea @ Eating with the Locals


Kafey in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Eating with the local always give me a sense of that I finally blend in. Yes there are occasional stares but after a while nobody is bothered with you but instead they go about enjoying their food and drink. Then now is the time you stare, discreetly of course.

I like to see how the locals act. What they eat. What they drink. From here I noted there is a pot on every table and lots of people top up their emptied glasses (from kafey (coffee) normally) or just have plain glasses. My kafey, bless the maker for it is awesome but as usual in this part of Southeast Asia, it is extremely sweet. So I left a load of sweet milk at bottom, so I had to ask for an empty glass.

Pouring slowly to the cup, I blew a little at it and then sip. Ah the tea is of good quality. Actually with this tea given by default, one can make their own Cham easily! I continue to sip slowly, while gazing lazily around me seemingly at home, why yes I’ve finally truly blend in.

Kampong Cham, Cambodia
22 July 2012

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