My Favourite Phrases that is Not in English

C’est La Vie
French. Technically means such is life. When something happens in your life that is out of your expectation or control, you would have to accept it that such is life. Life has its own way sometimes.

Carpe Diem
French, meaning seize the moment. For those who embraces that life is short and that we should seize the moment as if it is our very last.

Japanese. Seeing the beauty in imperfections. I love this phrase as it helps me to appreciate the little things, the ordinary things, and also the less than perfect things. If you can embrace it, you will see how truly beautiful life and the universe is in spite of reality.

Sine Qua Non
Latin. Means without which it cannot be or without which there is nothing. It applies to something or someone in life that you know if without, then all else cease to have meaning.

Hindu/Nepalese with Sanskrit roots. Used for greetings among people with respect. In a deeper meaning and more eloquently describe, it meant acknowledging a soul in one as a soul in another; as it is believed that there is a divine spark in each of us. In this way you humble yourself to accept that we are no different from each other despite everything.

*to be updated as I stumble upon meaningful phrases

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